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My Journey of Faith

Angela K Martin is an accomplished Christian Music singer and songwriter. As a solo artist, Angela approaches each song through life’s experience as God’s word prevails in the midst of it all. God’s anointing power is clearly present in her inspiring voice. Raised in a musical home she was exposed to multiple genres of music which developed her skillful ability to easily transition from one genre to another.

Her singing style crosses all denominations while one theme is constant, the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has shared the platform with multiple artists performing various styles of music including Christian Hymns, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, Spirituals, Contemporary Christian, Praise & Worship and more. Wrapped firmly around a bible based message in song is the delivery of a heartfelt message of perseverance and faith.Read More

Local Woman Celebrates "Journey Of Faith" With Release Of Fourth CD

Angela Martin's newest CD "Journey of Faith" is one she has worked through a lot of medical issues to allow her beautiful voice the opportunity to entertain her fans for the fourth time.

Martin, who's last CD, "Tears of Joy," was released in 2001, released "Journey of Faith" the end of September with sales beginning in October.

Like most mothers, Martin made sure her only child, Kem Jr., was on the right path for a bright future before she took the reins for a new music project.Read More

Today's Woman Magazine Article: "Live with Passion"

Angela K. Martin believes everyone has a passion. It is something God has put inside each of us—it is a gift.

"To me, if something is your passion, it a gift from God and by fulfilling that passion you will fulfill others," said Martin, a Charlestown, Ind. Resident. "Your passion is a gift from God because that is what you were meant to do." Martin‘s passion in life is singing.Read More

Braden Youth Group Sponsors Gospel Concert

The Toledo Ecumenical Youth Council will sponsor a free gospel concert featuring nationally known recording artist Angela K. Martin on Sunday, October 29th at 5p.m. at Braden United Methodist Church, 2013 Lawrence Avenue, near Woodruff Avenue.

The council was formed in 1991 by Mildred Oglesby to devleop future leaders, provide recreational and educational activities in a safe environment, encourage spiritual development, teach computer literacy and serve as a forum where teens can discuss and exchange ideas. Read More

Former Banker, School Worker Branches Out To Singing Career

Angela Martin had carved out a successful career in banking, working her way from teller to assistant vice president over 21 years.

She’s juggled various jobs and titles in helping to open branches and weathering mergers. She began as a teller at First Bank of Charlestown---later Liberty National Bank and now Bank One.

The 42-year old, who still lives on the Charlestown farm where she grew up, liked her job and the people around her. But after her son Kem,Jr. now 12 was born, she longed to spend more time with him and her husband, Kem Martin, Sr. Three years ago, she left banking to become an administrative assistant at Jonathan Jennings Elementary School in Charlestown. Her mother, Mary Huggins, had retired from the school as a teacher’s assistant, and her son was a student there.Read More

Dreams do come true...

Martin living life-long dream, waiting for release of her third CD, “Tears of Joy”

Angela K. Martin has always loved to sing. She has been a part of her church choir at St. James United Methodist Church and sang at her church most of her life. Martin never thought she would be able to be a soloist.

“I've enjoyed singing all my life but never dreamed I would actually be doing it. I never thought it would be possible,” Martin said.

Martin further explained why she thought should would not be able to be successful as a solo artist. “The thought of having to stand up there by myself in front of people scared me to death,” Martin explained.Read More

She was banking on the Lord to help

Angela K. Martin left a 21 year career in banking due to the pain associated with Fibromyalgia which was too much pain to function, and eventually started her music ministry after “walking and crying through the pain", walking and crying” on the country lane where she lives. As she walked she also prayed, asking God to tell her what to do. “I said, ‘Show me, lead me, guide me. and then Lord, please, show me, lead me, and guide me again.”

The message was to use her voice to spread the word of the Lord. Her response to the message was, “You’ve got to be kidding.” I would have never pictured myself standing in front of a room full of people, let alone speaking and singing,” Martin said Sunday as she brought her powerful voice to Broadway Second Baptist Church for a Black History Month program. Read More

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